"The only way
that I know how
to explain writer’s block
is wanting the answers
to every question
I have ever had
to already be there
when I turn to
a new page,
but finding
that they never are."

madeleine anderson, blank

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"The time between
when you said
and when I closed
my door."

madeleine anderson, breathing space

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"Make your mistakes, take your chances, look silly, but keep on going. Don’t freeze up."

Thomas Wolfe

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"The watch on your wrist
keeps twitching closer
to the hour
when all I want
is for the arrows
to become fixed
on the numbers
they currently point at—
like the way that your hands
trace invisible maps
on my skin
until they reach a place
where they are content
and stop to rest
for a while."

madeleine anderson, pause

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"It drives me crazy
that I cannot
describe you in a way
that has never been
done before,
with words so
beautifully honest
that you will never know
what to say in return."

madeleine anderson, cliché pt. 2

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"Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake."

Wallace Stevens

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"I scrawl ordinary and mediocre
phrases in the margins of
my favorite books
every time I try to
describe the way that
I always catch my breath
when I see your face
and the way that
I forget all
that I could possibly say
whenever your fingers
graze my skin."

madeleine anderson, cliché pt. 1

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"I scramble to shut off
the radio
when ‘Going to California’
comes on
because it only makes me
picture your face
and remember how
you’ve ruined
Led Zeppelin

madeleine anderson, don’t associate certain bands with certain people

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"I toss and turn and suffocate
among the tangles
of my limbs and sheets
and thoughts of you.
I am still writing
the same things
over and over
and flooding pages
with your name
because I cannot
get rid of
the way you made me feel.
And it’s not even fair
because I am certain
that I haven’t
scratched the surface
of your dazed and confused mind
since I left the town
we grew up in."

madeleine anderson, all is not fair

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"It’s funny
you make
foreign places
feel like

madeleine anderson, peculiar

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